26 Feb

Post Title / A Pleasant Revelation at Wisdom 2.0

A minor revelation occured at Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco

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Raise your hand if you have the answer to every question that comes your way.


Yeah, me neither. Nor do any of the speakers at Wisdom 2.0.

Ostensibly this gathering is about mindfulness and awareness as it relates to the business world. But I am not so sure that anyone knows exactly what this gathering is about.

It all seems to be a work in progress.

A Whirlwind Arrival

The event was held at the Concourse Exhibition Center in downtown San Francisco. I entered a long, beautiful hall and I couldn’t help but notice the amazing statues from India that adorned the entrance, as well as the stars hanging from the rafters. I could sense an intense buzz and enthusiasm for the event that was starting in less than an hour. I couldn’t help but be a fly on the wall for what I saw next (to my utter delight of course).

The juxtaposition of Bohemian wanderers in deep conversation with corporate executives left an indelible impression on me.

Now I consider myself a talker and love to engage in conversation with new people I meet. But, in this instance, I simply stood and listened. And what were they talking about?

The words wafted through the air and one had to listen just a bit harder as they weren’t the normal terms that one hears at a business conference. Snippets of airborne eavesdropping included ‘meditation’, ‘mindfulness’, and just plain ‘being present’.

A Pleasant Revelation

And what does all of this have to do with the wisdom and leadership in a world that is emerging as corporate and personal all at the same time?

Here’s the pleasant revelation: Nobody knows. Everyone, myself included, walked into the venue without any real answers, but more questions to ask. And that’s how we left the conference.

So it turns out that I went to a conference that was heavy on “seeking” but not so much on the “finding.” I then realized this is exactly where our world finds itself.

There is a suspicion that once we as humans pay attention to something different and maybe tilt our heads to view that something at a different angle, a new outcome can arise.

So here is my question to you. Why would 1800 people show up for 3 days in San Francisco with just the sense that there is something to find, but not knowing exactly what it is? Hmm, maybe you and I can think of some!


P.S. If you’re curious, check out some of these videos taken at the event.


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