Awakened Leadership

Labor of Love.

Stephen Covey taught me the habits of effective leaders. Eckhart Tolle exposed me to the land of awakening. Now, with Awakened Leadership, I have worked to integrate these two worlds and shed light on the hope of a life of leadership that encourages authentic living for the greatest impact.

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In today’s global culture, we are experiencing discontent of unknown proportions. Stories of anger, greed, and failure abound. Information, now handily in digital form, rushes at us in suffocating waves. If ever we needed access to the deepest truths, it is now. But how do we move from being effective leaders to being awakened leaders? In all of the publications in this segment to date, the story of a fully awakened being living in the corporate landscape of leadership has never been explored.

This book was a labor of love for me and I am so proud of its success. We recently won the honor of Best Business Book for Management and Leadership at the 2012 USA Book News Awards! Please click to watch the trailer above or click above to download sample chapters.

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