Work With Me

Leadership Begins with You.

“What separates me from other leadership resources is the nesting of my message in personal experience. Over a lifetime I have listened to the wisdom of the seasoned leaders that surrounded me. I was fortunate to have personal relationships and conduct conversations with the likes of Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey, and Milton Friedman. I even lead Margaret Mead around Lake Titicaca for a couple of weeks! This type of life experience has led me to understand that there is something much bigger in the exercise of leadership than most realize. Click the titles below to see the type of leadership services I offer.”


Mentoring & Coaching

Within my mentoring and coaching practice, I work directly and one-on-one with executives that wish to develop their leadership and personal life. Much of this work is based on a certain scrutiny of reactive behaviors that show up consistently and unexpectedly. In the examination of these behaviors, an awareness develops which eliminates the unwanted intrusion of past conditioning. It is in this elimination that leadership expansion occurs.

But within this type of personal examination, we never lose touch with the original story that we all possess that drive our highest achievements and fuel those who follow us.


Corporate Acumen and Financial Fluency

My background as a merger and acquisition specialist, in addition to my career roles as CFO and CEO, has developed within me a playbook expertise. That expertise is expressed in the ability to develop compelling business cases rooted in high-quality financial models. This playbook expertise joined with a lifetime of leadership expansion has allowed me to share both competencies in large organizations. Many of the companies with which I work wish to make good business decisions based on compelling business cases that reflect the highest of technical expertise. Many times this requires an understanding of financial and operational drivers such as ROI, Value Propositions, and Shareholder Return.


Speaking & Events

My speaking style is not rooted in charts, graphs and models. It is rooted in story. I work to engage audiences through the power of storytelling and use of relatable concepts. This invites the listener to easily ingest the thoughts and ideas that allow for personal maturation.

When I speak to audiences, I invite them to live with me in my deepest and their deepest stories. I then invite them to continue to revisit that powerful place in addition to learning specific skill sets that will encourage them to their highest possibility of leadership.