Corporate Fluency

Learning the Playbook.

“My background as a merger and acquisition specialist in addition to my career roles as CFO and CEO, has developed within me a playbook expertise. That expertise is expressed in the ability to develop compelling business cases rooted in high-quality financial models.”


This “playbook” expertise joined with a lifetime of leadership expansion has allowed me to share both competencies in large organizations. Many of the companies with which I work wish to make good business decisions based on compelling business cases that reflect the highest of technical expertise. Many times this requires an understanding of financial and operational drivers such as ROI, Value Propositions, and Shareholder Return.

As a result I have been asked to create curriculum design to teach the playbook objectives of such financial and operational concepts. These concepts are critical to a disciplined and actionable initiative. However, it is on the platform of passionate execution, which draws on the original story of each leader, which any initiative might succeed. Thus corporate acumen is seasoned with the financial fluency that every disciplined leader should express. All curriculums developed for this purpose include one-on-one leadership coaching as a nesting for the classroom development of technical fluency.

Who is this for?

Corporate fluency is for emerging managers in organizations that wish to guarantee their bench strength. All companies that are growing must concern themselves with developing the next group of seasoned executive leaders. Knowing the playbook is of critical importance to each of these emerging leaders.

Subject Areas

  • Develop good business cases and financial models
  • Understanding of operational structure and strategy
  • Develop your own internal language in addition to simple business understanding