Over the past years I have developed curriculum and taught Executive Presence and Wisdom for some of the largest global brands. This has included deep dives into quantitative subjects such as business case construction as well as qualitative areas such as Story Theory. What have I learned?

Since the advent of the digital wave with it’s emphasis on content, I have been urged by many to develop and deliver an online mentoring course. As I built this course, I always carried the niggling that something wasn’t quite right. What could it be? I had amazing mentors in my own career run. I had developed deeper content versions of everything I had been bequeathed.

Eventually it all came clear. I remember the old Zen proverb “If you wish experience, go get experience”. Life indeed can be a tautology and within the wisdom path this simple pointer becomes obvious.

Another version, my version, of such a saying might well be “You can’t deliver presence in the absence of presence”. I know that many leadership gurus claim they can do such a thing, and they wishfully pretend it could be so. My mentors spent time with me directly and in presence. It’s only the naive hope that some digital delivery could take the place of a tangible mentor.

With this in mind, I did indeed complete an entire curriculum, content and all, for the developing executive. And I know it’s delivery method must be the same as all deliveries in the wisdom path. Direct and in person with presence as the artist’s canvas.

Today I am unveiling the website awakenedleadership.com which is the content roadmap that underlies executive presence. It’s pretty impressive. But more impressive is the profound depth that lives in your relationship with your mentor. Is that next for you?