Some years ago I began my role as a mentor and teacher facilitating leadership programs for brand companies. One of these was VF Corporation where I chanced upon a young executive with “his hair on fire”. I knew immediately the ride he was on as my early career must have looked the same. Hello Brandon! He would not only ask the obvious questions as he careened down the path but he would dive deep. I gave him my book and told him I was sure our paths would cross again.

Of course, the prediction came true. Our meetings have morphed into a Tuesday coffee habit as Brandon makes a great French Press.

The tightrope I have walked in my corporate career has been to deliver what my audience can onboard. For you see that the path of leadership and personal development is the same as that of spiritual awakening. Rarely do the deepest possible pointers arise in group teaching but they do for the dedicated seeker in mentoring situations. A couple of weeks ago Brandon decided to ask the burning questions of the seeker of awakening. Not only did he give me no warning, he also recorded my responses. For the next six weeks we will release two of a series of twelve clips of those responses. Do they disrupt your worldview? We can only hope they do.

Welcome to French Press with Brandon!