It is said that the great warrior knows he must water the ground on which he performs. This knowing is indeed what makes him a warrior. He battles to leave behind a flourishing world for those he serves.

In one small country long ago, the warriors would return from their toils and make their way to a hidden pond. With them they would carry an empty bucket to be filled by the rickety old men at the pond. They knew they needed to water the grounds that provided their very sustenance. But for all their might they lacked the experience to know how to get the water from the pond and into the wooden buckets. For this they relied on the old men to whom the secrets of wisdom and water taking had been passed. These elders had once been warriors themselves and by luck lived to guard the old wisdom pond and lovingly handed water to all those warriors who could carry. This was the knowing of the old men called sages.

For the majority of my life I have been called to be a warrior. Yes, my mentors fashioned me to eventually become a wiseman. But my focus was the daily grind and I carried many a bucket back to the field of work like all the rest. The crowning moment in a long carer was teaching story and leadership in the corporate world. A finishing for sure but still not yet the call to fill buckets.

You might ask at this point “What’s does it take to pull the water from the pond?”

It’s the move from the story of separation into the story of non duality or consciousness itself. But this isn’t just the movement within the intellect. It’s the movement of identification. It’s tangible in a way that thought simply isn’t. We all identify or assertively live a story. The ego version starts at the notion that we are separate entities that author our own existence. It’s the starting point of all beings with intellect. The non dual version starts at the point that “all there is, is consciousness”. All that arises within manifestation is emergent from the ground of “all that is”. These two stories are lived in an energetic difference. One is duality with all of it’s pieces and parts being fashioned in some outcome. The other is a a place of permanent peace. Awakening is simply the seekers intuitive drive towards that peace. It is indeed the provenance of wisdom.

Leadership is the ultimate warriors attribute. It is the ability to gather the various separate participants into a viable collaboration of execution. It’s the epitome of the Hero’s Journey. But notice that it’s emphasis is on identifying and unifying various pieces that had previously played their own individual part.

Wisdom is another activity entirely. Wisdom is the standing in the whole and seeing the individual emerge from consciousness. It’s the location of identity in the whole and no longer in any one piece. This is the last bridge to cross in the development of consciousness itself and is often referred to as awakening.

Many of you have read my past writings which are full of leadership, story, and individual development. All of these are based on seeing movement in consciousness as defined by the individuals in contrast to their context. You likely will now begin to notice a difference in my messaging. On the path of wisdom, learnings are given in pointers and often are iterative. The intention is to throw the seeker into the deep waters of consciousness itself so that it can be seen that these are one and the same thing. For many this will be exactly the perfect thing and for others it simply will be not applicable.

The time has finally come that my job is the filling of the buckets. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I suspect I will.